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My name is Katie and I am a woman on wheels who educates, empowers, and entertains both children and adults. I am a poet, performer and a lover of the human process.

I survived an auto accident in 1990 at the age of 25 which took my life in a new direction. With my degree in Recreation, I became a speaker, author, and disability educator.

As Miss Wheelchair Missouri 2010, and a 2001 St. Louis Woman of Achievement, I connect with my community with the message of motivation and teaching people healthy coping mechanisms. I've written several books and recorded CDs.

Katie's New Book "On A Roll: How It Feels To Be On Wheels" is Now Available!

Having spent the past 30 years On A Roll in her power wheelchair, How It Feels To Be On Wheels is the heartfelt story of Katie Rodriguez Banister, who became a quadriplegic after an auto accident at the age of 25 years old. Through extraordinary challenges, she’s struggled with anger issues, battled depression, advocated for people with disabilities, and found a great partner in her husband Steve.

In Katie’s search for self-acceptance, love, and survival, she shares the importance of using humor, laughter, and finding the fun in life to help ourselves on a daily basis. This journey of coping, finding hope and living full-out, is an inspiring combination of self-reflection and bravery, challenging the reader to work through every obstacle life dares to present.


“I love the honesty.” Tina Christanell, Counselor, Sperring Middle School 

“Katie has been through a tremendous amount of adversity yet found a real calling. It is evident through this book how one can become truly comfortable in their own skin, even if their sensation is limited! Katie’s Coping Strategies should be on the wall in every Spinal Cord Injury unit. This book is highly relatable regardless of disability status. However, for those who have experienced SCI, it is a must-read. They should give out this book on all SCI floors so family, friends, and persons with SCI can read it or have it read to them as they are ready. I plan to have my OT students read it to better understand a personal perspective on SCI. While not everyone who reads this book will have a spinal cord injury or even know someone with one, they will relate to the humanity of Katie’s memoir.”- Dr. Carla Walker, Advance Practice Clinician, Washington University School of Medicine Program in Occupational Therapy

“Heartfelt, funny, educational and brutally honest. From family dynamics to the accident, rehab, bladder management and dating, a real love story and spiritual journey.” - JET, The Expert, Book Reviewer

“On A Roll was very inspirational!! It gave me hope with my current physical limitations due to an automobile accident. I realize that the feelings and thoughts that I have are normal and expected. But now, I feel that I can still be everything that I want to be and more...” - Burchell McGhee, Avid Reader

 “The description of the court case was riveting and chilling. So interesting to read the play by play.” - Daryle Glynn Brown, News Producer


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"On A Roll: How It Feels To Be On Wheels"
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