Quarantine Blues

We are stuck inside
I sit and sigh
I must qualify
That all need try

The virus likes to fry
To crowds we say “good-bye”
Do more than sit and cry
With pain we can’t deny

Time idles going by
We can no longer sit on the side
Make sure that you say hi
So, no one be denied

I wish that we could fly
Soaring low & high
We know the moment’s nigh
A monumental sty

Abundant clouds are in the sky
We keep asking and wondering why
Go ahead now don’t be shy
Your tongue is desert dry

We could sit and claim ’Oh, my.”
Every girl and every guy
No longer has to lie
The illness is a spy

The germs like to pry
Affecting all our lives
Slinking ever sly
Attention it will vie

I’ll have slice of pie
I don’t like breads of rye
I gaze upon the sky
I’m not ready to die


Created by Katie R. Banister

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