Poems-4-You Created by Katie

Would you like to honor someone special?

Is there a special occasion coming up?

Would you like to honor an employee?

Do you want to give a gift from the heart?

Do you want to express your gratitude?

Do you want to give more than a physical gift?

Do you wish you could find the words to express your feelings in a creative way?

Let Katie create a Personalized Poem-4-You!


Katie Rodriguez Banister will create a poem to celebrate an individual’s:

  • Accomplishment- Personal
  • Accomplishment- Professional
  • Encouragement
  • Birth or Adoption
  • Passing a test
  • Birthday
  • Bat/Bar Mitzva
  • Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Retirement
  • Passing

I shared one of your poems with a friend who responded, “Katie is a modern-day Mr. Rogers.” You are! Thank you for your uplifting words during this unique time.”

Laura King, English teacher, Plano High School, IL

“Katie's poetry comes straight from the heart. Whatever a human heart can feel, she can express in words, and those words touch you and stay with you and make you know that we all share common emotions.  Katie has shared her poetry with all grade levels at my school. Her poetry has the ability to touch every student with its emphasis on the wonder of creation, the depth of human emotion, and the sheer joy of life.” 

Mrs. Barb Ryan, City Catholic Academy, 7th/8th Literacy

The Process

  1. Contact Katie at (314) 481-0633
  2. Katie will interview you about your honoree
  3. Payment of a minimum $25
  4. Your personal poem is emailed by the agreed date, unless agreed to printing in a different format, like but not limited to the following designs:





Poems Created by Katie

A Part of Us

Your being here means you are a part of a team

Full of love and friendship. 50 years of a dream

Time goes on and you grow closer to others

For after all you are sisters and brothers

A toast to happiness of which you have been a part

We honor your presence. Straight from our heart

Love is the answer to all our woes

Let us stay together and continue to grow

One more thing here. Please do not forget laughter

For it will help all live happily ever after


I know a woman on wheels and Linda is her name.

I know exactly how she feels and yes, we can complain.     


However, we are women who have faced more than another.

But when the stuff does hit the fan, we are the ones to recover.


I do not want special treatment and I know she wants the same.

Because both of us face every day with heart ache and some pain.


But instead of always wallowing, we put on a happy face.

And after time my friend of mine find our troubles are erased.


I will keep on rolling and I know that she will too.

And we will always have each other to be there when we are blue.

Opposites Attract

Opposites attract as we interact.

We are alike in many ways, though we are different that much more.

We see and feel life just as strong.

 Life’s never been a bore.

I like colors intensely bright.

You look great in black and white.


I like sharks. They come on strong.

You like dolphins as they swim along.

I am verbally demanding and with you, it is OK.

Though you get what you want in a subtle way.

I am a woman with many needs, and you fulfill each one.

You are a man so serious, but you can count on me for fun.


20 years have passed, and we still attract each other.

Opposites make life interesting and we continually discover.

That life for us is not to fuss but instead to honor our bliss

Yes, we express in unalike ways, but it almost always ends with a kiss.


How do you put into words a tribute to a lady so grand?

Who was always there to care and share and to lend a helping hand?


She could tell a joke or two or more, that could turn a person pink!

Standing tall and statuesque her thoughts could move in a blink.


Nighty years on planet earth, Ginny liked to smile.

But once provoked, there was no joke. She could snap like a crocodile!


She would say, “Hey kid, listen here.” and her messages were sincere.

An opinion she just had to give. Virginia had no fear.


Who we truly, truly are know that none of us totally die.

Though it is those left behind who are the ones with eyes to dry.


Virginia you will be missed. May your spirit stop by once in a while.

Know we won’t wait or hesitate to think of you and smile!

This Breast is a Test

 You cannot be mad at God

Because God did not do it

But please know deep down inside

That God will get you through it


When you were in school

You took test after test

You were not given the answers

But instead did your best


 So, one of your “girls”

Will be dearly missed

But do not let it stop you

From seeing life’s bliss


Now show up for it all

You can pass this test

Say “Hello” to life

And “Good-bye” to a breast