I’m not sure when I will be speaking/training in front of an audience again, but onward I go…..and I’m excited! 

You may already know I am a poet and this April – National Poetry Month –I challenged myself to write a poem-a-day post on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel.

My New Business

(I’ve been doing this for years as gifts for family and friends)

Do you need a unique gift? Know you’re not alone

I’ll write something special in the form of a poem

For a birth, anniversary, a grad or holiday

Ba(t/r) Mitzvah, an accomplishment or a business success their way

I can email the poem for $25, this is simple and nice

To create a card or put in a frame we’ll agree on a price

The poem will be at least six verses and worth invested money

The words can be kind and thoughtful, as well as honest and funny

The Process: Go to https://access-4-all.com/poems-4-you/

  1. Contact Katie at (314) 481-0633
  2. Katie will interview you about your honoree. A PDF form of questions to think on. Not all will apply and answer what you are comfortable with and think of a story to touch on. It can be about them, your perspective and relationship.
  1. Payment of a minimum $25
  2. Your personal poem is emailed by the agreed date, unless agreed to printing in a different format

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