Let It Be

30 years as a woman on wheels has given me a multitude of lessons.  I tattooed “Let it be” as a reminder to find peace with “what is.”  I try and let go of control on a regular basis but I am a long way from perfection.  We each have influence over our lives, yes, by taking care of our physical and mental heath, making wise and healthy decisions and practicing Ruiz’s “Four Agreements,” a fantastically helpful book.

The Agreements are

1. Be Impeccable with your word

2. Always do your best

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Don’t take it personally

This may at first sound like four simple things to do. But Mr. Miguel Ruiz goes deep into each task and even though I read  this book years ago, the philosophy is at my core. On occasion I can still say the wrong thing, slack on my follow through, make inaccurate guesses and allow life to cause me heartache,  I am still here and so are you! 

Finally, you cannot make someone like you or behave in a way you wish.  But, you can “Let it be.”

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