Katie in her Van

My 8th grade English teacher, if she were still here, would be proud to know I’m blogging. Writing has always been a struggle for me. Yes, I have authored four books, but not without a lot of help. I like the creative process though crossing T’s and dotting I’s are not my fav. But 27 years as a woman on wheels has taught me how to ask for what I want and ask in a way I’ll get it.

I will blog to Educate, Empower and Entertain. Topics include Attitudes, Health Tips, Helpful Humor, Disability Info and Universal Thoughts. I don’t have all the answers but I feel compelled to share my experiences. Every one of us has value and a story from the corporate CEO to those standing at highway exit ramps with signs in their hands.

My mother always said, “Kill’m with kindness.” I believe in that. But please, don’t kiss my behind. Fake people really turn me off. I share my words to inform, motivate, make you smile, or even LOL. Though it is OK if you shed a tear. Crying is one of my best coping skills.

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