Humor Helps

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What do you call an emotional and paralyzed kleptomaniac?

Feels and steals on wheels

I may not be the best joke writer, but I hope I at least made you crack a smile, right?  Sometimes we need to make light of very real and difficult situations.  Not to demean, but rather allowing ourselves to not take life too seriously.

My father could never be the butt of any joke.  He was a worker bee and he worked hard.  He was able to laugh at comedians like Carol Burnett and Don Rickles.  Yes, I am 55 and just showed it.  But there are many great comics today, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Leslie Jones, and Pete Davidson.  They look at life and themselves in it and push the envelope, making us laugh even harder at our human foibles.

So, when you are feeling down try to find a way to laugh, if only for an hour or two because a chuckle reminds us that life is not all bad. 


We are in this together people. Life is a group event.  Yes, we enter in and exit on our own but while our body resides on this planet, let’s review what we have hopefully learned along the way.

  1. The art of expressing, “Please” and “Thank you.”
  2. Being kind
  3. Sharing
  4. Honesty
  5. Responsibility

Be the best version of you that you can be because there is no one like you! We may share similarities, but you are just like a snowflake; unique and special.  Now, you and I both know there are people, past and present, who do not participate any of those 5 traits or practices. Their beauty?  These peeps are there to show us how “not to be.”

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