How It Helps

Laughter IS the best medicine.  When you laugh you

  1. Release tension
  2. Boost your immune system
  3. Tell your stress hormones; “Be quiet!”
  4. Can help fight infections
  5. Can sleep better

Endorphins are your body’s natural, “Hey I feel good” chemicals.  They help you chill-ax.  This can in turn lower your blood pressure, make your heart happier and can help you live a longer and fuller life.

Get a joke book.  Watch “I love Lucy” reruns. Youtube comedians.  Watch old movies like “Harold & Maude,” National Lampoon’s “Family Vacation.” and “Animal House” and more modern, “Elf,” “Bridesmaids,”  “Trainwreck,” and just search “comedies” for more.

I was in the audience of a psychic giving readings.  My parents came through and my mom “said” “Katie the best part of you is, you always kept your sense of humor.”

Paralysis is no joke and laughing takes effort.  It takes energy and understanding that humor is all around us, if we choose to see it and imbibe.  If I can, you can.

What do you call an emotional wheeler? Feels on wheels

Why don’t people with visual impairment like to skydive? Because it scares their dog


If a deaf child signs swear words, does his mother wash his hands with soap?

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