Access-4-All Education

Access to information is vital to living a healthy and successful life. When we know more we make more thoughtful decisions. You are the captain of your being and knowledge gives you an edge.  Access-4-All, LLC has been educating and empowering our community since 1997.  Our programs are informative, fun and personalized to meet your needs.

Business Programs

Staff Training, Retreats, Business Conferences, Meetings, Keynotes

Disability and Diversity

Knowing what to say and how to assist people with disabilities can be intimidating. Katie shares assistive technology, people first language, health care tips and resources that have fueled her independence.

Change Takes Time

Katie shares her journey in a very personal way. Paralysis has given her the gift to educate and empower her community and Katie’s four-point coping skills can be used by anyone.

Why Things Happen The Way They Do

There are twelve Universal Laws that influence our lives. They can help us make healthy decisions and work well with others. The key is understanding change and how it personally and professionally affects others. Katie discusses aspects of astrology and numerology and how she uses these tools to benefit her life.

Caregiving: Creating Healthy Working Relationships

Maintaining good caregiving relationships isn’t easy. This program can help those who are part of this unique work setting. Katie teaches from her book, The Personal Care Attendant Guide.

Disability and Intimacy; Fact or Fiction?

People with disabilities are often looked at as asexual or genderless. Katie shares a theater piece and offers a frank and open discussion that addresses self-image and your questions on this taboo subject.

(For audiences ages eighteen and older.)

School Programs

We Can Design Programs For Any Grade Level—Students Or Faculty!


• What is a disability?
• How are we alike and different?
• How does a wheelchair work?
• Safety First--seatbelts

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

• Respecting other people
• How can I help a person with a disability?
• What is accessibility?
• How to cope with challenges

6th – 8th Grade

• Understanding Body Image
• Understanding Depression
• Healthy friendships
• Assistive technology

9th – 12th Grade

• Self-acceptance and appreciation
• Surviving depression
• Anger management
• Confi dence
• Attendant care

Colleges and Universities

• The ADA and Understanding the Law
• Caregiving 101
• Intimacy and Relationships


Celebrations and Services

Celebrating a marriage between two people or honoring the passing of another requires a loving and unique ceremony. Reverend Katie can perform wedding and funeral services. She is ordained by Universal Life Church Monastery in Seattle, Washington.

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