Disability Resource: Classifications

Access-4-All feels that there are three general types of disability classifications; Physical, Sensory and Cognitive. Listed below are examples of each. Please note that there may be other disabilities that are not listed. If you know of a disability that you feel should be included, please email Access-4-All. Please note; some peoples’ disabilities may fit into more than one category. For example, a person with a brain injury may fit into all three classifications.

Physical: having a disability that affects the physical body including mobility in moving from one place to another.

Spinal cord injury
Spina Bifida
Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
Post Injury Syndrome
Myasthenia gravis
Short Stature

Sensory: having a disability that affects any of the five senses, especially vision and hearing

People who are deaf
People who are blind

Cognitive: having a disability that affects mental capabilities

Learning disabilities
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Obsessive /Compulsive Disorder
Mental Retardation
Alzhiemers Disease
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
Head Injury