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How It Helps

Laughter IS the best medicine.  When you laugh you Release tensionBoost your immune systemTell your stress hormones; “Be quiet!”Can help fight infections Can sleep better Endorphins are your body’s natural, “Hey I feel good” chemicals.  They help you chill-ax.  This can in turn lower your blood pressure, make your heart happier and can help you…

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Things to Be Thankful For

You can read this or have it read to you You can access a computer, smart phone, or another digital device You know that someone loves you platonically, neighborly, or romantically You have had food and drink in the past 24 hours You dressed yourself or had help doing so You can laugh or cry…

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I Don’t Want Your Pity

I can’t stand the sad comment and the “head tilt” with it.  You know, that “Oh, I’m so sad for you” and the head is tilted to the side.  It is condescending,  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has always fascinated me.  From the basic needs; food & water, shelter and warmth up to Self-Actualization; achieving your…

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