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A Funny Night at the Theater

Being in a wheelchair complicates things.  When most people get concert tickets, all they need to do is to get the tickets.  I must make sure I’ve been given wheelchair accessible seating.  And sometimes there are problems with that. In the fall of 2013, I got tickets to see Lewis Black, one of my favorite…

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Let It Be

30 years as a woman on wheels has given me a multitude of lessons.  I tattooed “Let it be” as a reminder to find peace with “what is.”  I try and let go of control on a regular basis but I am a long way from perfection.  We each have influence over our lives, yes,…

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Paralyzed Wax

I am paralyzed from the chest down, leaving me very sedentary.  After my auto accident and before I was to be discharged from rehabilitation, my doctor wanted to look in my ears.  He stuck a small exact-to knife looking piece of metal straight in my ear.  Then he pulled it out and on it was…

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