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People this Carona stuff got to me today.  I wrote this when I was, as my mom would say, “lower than a snake’s front belt buckle.” Oh Carona You were created. Your creation fuels fear.The powers that be want some of us out of here.My stomach is in knots. Confined in my home.The anger I feel knows…

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A Funny Night at the Theater

Being in a wheelchair complicates things.  When most people get concert tickets, all they need to do is to get the tickets.  I must make sure I’ve been given wheelchair accessible seating.  And sometimes there are problems with that. In the fall of 2013, I got tickets to see Lewis Black, one of my favorite…

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Let It Be

30 years as a woman on wheels has given me a multitude of lessons.  I tattooed “Let it be” as a reminder to find peace with “what is.”  I try and let go of control on a regular basis but I am a long way from perfection.  We each have influence over our lives, yes,…

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