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Quarantine Blues

We are stuck insideI sit and sighI must qualifyThat all need try The virus likes to fryTo crowds we say “good-bye”Do more than sit and cryWith pain we can’t deny Time idles going byWe can no longer sit on the sideMake sure that you say hiSo, no one be denied I wish that we could…

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I’m not sure when I will be speaking/training in front of an audience again, but onward I go…..and I’m excited!  You may already know I am a poet and this April – National Poetry Month –I challenged myself to write a poem-a-day post on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel. My New Business (I’ve…

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People this Carona stuff got to me today.  I wrote this when I was, as my mom would say, “lower than a snake’s front belt buckle.” Oh Carona You were created. Your creation fuels fear.The powers that be want some of us out of here.My stomach is in knots. Confined in my home.The anger I feel knows…

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