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Waiting for the cure Unstable and unsure I have great hope for humanity Climbing mountains of calamity Frightened with an abdomen full of fear I don’t want out but bouts of doubt Make me wonder Everyone riding this spinning marble Deserves to be fed, clothed and sheltered Oh my, Imagine the peace and tranquility But…

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What a Year

2020 what a year A point in time that bloomed in fear No, it’s not a time to cheer And answers are not found in beer Instead, Universal faith is here Take the wheel and start to steer Finding love straight or queer Drawing peace and making clear Remembering others far and near We must…

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Humor Helps

Below is my blog article, but first……..I am excited to announce the release of my memoire, “On a Roll.” This book is available and can be personally signed by clicking here. It’s also available on Amazon. What do you call an emotional and paralyzed kleptomaniac? Feels and steals on wheels I may not be the…

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