We teach what we experience. An SUV rollover gave me an unexpected job and introduced me to my husband.  Our mission is to educate on the culture of disability, empower others though our personal journey and entertain while doing so.  Access-4-All’s programs and publications are designed for both people with and without disabilities.  Our vision is of full inclusion where everyone counts and has access to a fulfilled and truly accessible life.

We promise an intimate disclosure on living with disabilities and resources that have helped us do so.  We share a personal coping strategy that anyone can use to overcome and be successful in their lives.  Our stories bring you into our world, and make audiences laugh and cry.  We are engaging, honest and funny and we’ve done so since 1997.

Katie and Steve Banister

We Educate

Access to information is vital to living a healthy and successful life. When we know more we make more thoughtful decisions. You are the captain of your being and knowledge gives you an edge.

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We Empower

When we are lucky enough to wake up to another day we are given another opportunity to keep playing the game of life. It is up to us to find the beauty in it.

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We Entertain

Our story is presented through PowerPoints, Q & A, music videos, handouts and interactive presentations. Katie was voted “Most Likely to Win an Oscar” by her 1983 high school graduating class.

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