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A Pocket of Poems and How to Write Your Own

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A collection of my autobiographical poetry, to encourage others to write as a coping mechanism.

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Beautifully illustrated, each poem includes a reason, or a story behind it’s origin. Bad things happen every day; the trick is to find the beauty in the bad.

"I've read your whole book and I just love it! I didn't know that the book contained so much of your personal story, and although I knew you in the past, I so admire your spirit and enthusiasm for life in the here and now." - Penny Stein, English Dept. Chair, Kirkwood High School, Retired

"I just ordered your new book, “A Pocket of Poems.” I sat down and read it from cover to cover. It touched my soul. I enjoyed your reflection explanations to your poems. I am sure many can relate like I did to your family, friend, love, health, etc. issues. It was so refreshing. Life is truly what we make of it. You have done an extraordinary job at your life’s accomplishments. Every day is a new day, new opportunity. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Stay strong and positive. Thank you for touching my life and the many others that you don’t even know you have touched." - Jacquie Cline, 8th grade special education teacher, Hardin Middle