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The Personal Care Attendant Guide

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The Art of Finding, Keeping, or Being One

by Katie Rodriguez Banister

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People with disabilities are one of the largest groups in the United States - about 58 million Americans are members of this community. To live independently, many people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities hire a personal attendant to assist with day-to-day tasks. Finding a qualified caregiver can be challenging, but not impossible.
Written by an inspiring speaker, writer and advocate who is herself disabled, The Personal Care Attendant Guide teaches readers how to find a competent caregiver. It also gives current and prospective attendants vital information and real-life examples to help them succeed in this demanding work environment.
Special features include:
Easy-to-use forms and worksheets to make searching easier and more organized
Personal stories from people with disabilities who use attendants to maintain their
Anecdotes from experienced caregivers
Resources listed alphabetically by disability
The relationship between those who need help and those who provide it can be difficult to balance, but it can be maintained and even fun at times. This unique book will equip people with disabilities, as well as those managing caregivers for family members, with the skills to successfully find, interview, hire, train, and supervise their personal attendants.