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Access-4-All has expanded its library with the release of “Karmic Validations” The Universe is communicating with us,
but will we slow down enough to listen? This book and Katie’s three other publications are available and have been in the news………….


Southeast Missourian, May 2005 - Ms. Wheelchair Missouri

Miss Wheelchair Missouri visits Truman Elementary students (pdf)


Katie was a guest on

"The Kovacs Perspective" Podcast:
Steve interviews Katie Banister, author, speaker, educator and quadriplegic. Steve and Katie talk about disabilities--from what they are, how to deal with them, how to help others who have them and how the human spirit can always win out. - 43:32 min -
Publ.Date : Sat, 14 Nov 2009 21:06:23 GMT


Announcing the release of Access-4-All’s third publication, A Pocket of Poems and How to Write Your Own. A collection of Katie Banister’s autobiographical poetry, to encourage others to write poetry as a coping mechanism and includes ten different poetic patterns to choose from. Beautifully illustrated, each poem includes a story behind its origin. Bad things happen every day; the trick is to find the beauty in the bad.

We have held in book signings at United Seating and Mobility, Borders Books & Music stores, and many schools.

Access-4-All participated in The Department of Mental Health Assistive Technology Training Video for librarians. To order a free copy and more information go to:

Katie continues to serve on the boards of directors for The Recreation Council and Lifeskills. She is president of the Recreation Council and Program Chair with Lifeskills.

Katie and Steve continue to serve on the accessibility committee with The St. Louis Science Center to evaluate new exhibits and programs.

Katie is now Reverend Katie and can perform wedding and funeral services. She is ordained by Universal Life Church Monastery in Seattle, Washington. Click on “Ceremonies” on our site for more information.
Access-4-All has celebrated 5 years of diversity training classes for the St. Louis Zoo employees. Please visit the zoo when you can. They now have an aide station for people with disabilities and the employees want to give you a great experience when you are there.

Aunt Katie’s Visit – a book among friends


Independently Speaking TV Cape Girardeau, MO 2007
St. Louis on the Air with Don Marsh on Caregiving 2007
PCA Guide reviewed in New Mobility September 2007
Kansas City Star October
Donna Seebo Internet Show October
Exercise Video Enabling Mobility Center November


Jim Cox Show KEZK radio St. Louis 2006


Katie and Steve Banister spoke to 5,000 students, teachers, parents and a variety of groups this past year. Our message of inclusion has reached out to many parts of Missouri, but also Michigan, Florida and Illinois. We really love what we do! Check out our Appearance link to find out where we have been.

During the fall and spring, you might see Katie on the commercial for the St. Louis Community College. She's "Wishing for a career in technology." Yeah right! My wheelchair is as technical as I can get. That commercial was made in 2003 but it's not a "dated" ad so they can continue to use it each new school year. The bummer part is the commercial compensation was $200. Next time residuals may have to be discussed. Oh well, that's the media!

We created a new Promotional DVD with segments including "Meet Katie and Steve" and a "Sample Presentation." You can see these two on our web site in the School Programs section. The DVE also has the "Change Takes Time" video on it. This is an eight minute montage of photos set to music depicting my recovery.

Look for our next book The Personal Care Attendant Guide: How to Find and How to Be a Good One, to be released later this year. It's an easy to read workbook filled with personal stories about care giving from people with disabilities and personal care attendants. This guide doesn't have ALL the answers but it gives perspectives from both sides and may help those who need help to find it.


Here’s an update on Access-4-All, Inc.
On December 20, 2003 we released our children’s book “Aunt Katie’s Visit.”

"Aunt Katie's Visit" is a new and valuable resource for parents and teachers to help educate children about abilities. Forget pity! This colorful, hardback book is positive, fun and entertaining.

"The quality of the book shows in the clear and vibrant illustrations by Eric Whitfield." -Rosemary Gwyn-Abrahams, Early Childhood and Family Literacy Specialist, Kirkwood, MO

"Aunt Katie's Visit is intelligent and meaningful children's reading. It's a story of acceptance and courage." -Paul Crutcher, "The Current" University of Missouri, St. Louis

3/11/04 Print “Sun Crest Call” Crestwood, MO
3/15/04 Print “The Current” Univ. of MO St. Louis
4/17/04 Print “The Washington Missourian”
4/29/04 Print Highland News Leader, Highland, IL
Spring 04 TV – KMOV Feature story on “Aunt Katie’s Visit”
Spring 04 TV – KETC “Living St. Louis” featured guest
9/26/04 TV – ABC7 Sunday Morning News Chicago


In the past year, Access-4-All, Inc. has given presentations for:
The Enabling Mobility Center, Webster Groves Rotary Club, Kirkwood Public Library, St. Louis Zoo Employees, The Governor’s Committee on Disability, Washington University OT Students, Carmen Trails Elementary, Jamestown Elementary, McNair Elementary, Fontbonne University, Kirby Middle, Bristol Primary, Assistive Technology Conference, Kirkwood teachers meeting, United Hebrew Temple, 1st Congregation Pre School, and others.

Print St. Louis Post-Dispatch March 22, 2003 Home section (Karen Deer)
“Pack It Up” Backpack is Designed for People in Wheelchairs

Print St. Louis Post-Dispatch March 10, 2003 "In Business" section
Collaboration with business partner David Little, regarding our joint venture Disability Access Solutions.

TV Fox-2 News Feb. 21, 2003 Featured-SUV story

Radio KEZE Feb. 18, 2003 Up Close with Jim Cox

Print St. Louis Bus. Jrnl. Feb. 2003 Access-Sack promo

Print St. L. Small Business Monthly Jan/2003 Giving Spirit/Donation
to Recreation Council

Print Media Access Office (CA) Jan/2003 Exhibit Appearance
"Political Bodies; On
Showing, Showing Off"
Poetry Exhibit in Seattle

Print Webster-Kirkwood Times Nov. 22, 2002 Access-4-All, Inc.

TV Commercial Feb., 2002 Ad for St. Louis
Community Colleges

Print Ladue News April 13, 2001 Woman of Achievement

Print Kirkwood High Newsletter March 15, 2001 Disability Project

Print Word/West End-Clayton March 29, 2001 Disability Project

Print Jefferson Co. Leader Feb. 15, 2001 Disability Project

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch Sep. 5, 2000 Disability Project

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch Sep. 4, 2000 Disability Project/
Personal Story on My Wedding

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch Sept. 3, 2000 Disability Project

Print South County Journal April 8, 1998 Outstanding Young
Missourian Announcement

Beyond Barriers cable access show, host and producer 1994-96

Print Webster-Kirkwood Times Jan. 19, 1996 Disability Awareness
Personal Story

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch Spring, 1995 Health Insurance

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch May 19, 1995 Jerry Berger/Auto Lawsuit

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch July 8, 1995 Automotive Lawsuit

Print News Tribune/Jeff. City July 9, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print Columbia (MO) Tribune July 9, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print St. Louis Post Dispatch July 10, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print Wall Street Journal July 10, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print Forsyth Co. (GA) News July 23, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print National Law Journal July 24, 1995 Auto Lawsuit

Print The Independence Jan/Feb 1994 Receiving Advocate of the
Year Award

Print Lindbergh Community Link July 1994 Ability Awareness

Print Webster-Kirkwood Journal Oct. 10, 1993 Camp Program I

Print Kirkwood High Newsletter Mar. 13, 1992 Personal story


Katie Rodriguez-Banister on:



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