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September, 1991


We are moving on and our wheels are rolling! The Resource Fair on August 3rd, 1991 was a great beginning. The day long event consisted of speakers, programs and an exhibit hall of disability related information. Surely the fair generated many ideas, from developing one’s own resource network to being an active community participant. I urge you to investigate the many organizations that serve people with disabilities, as well as looking to other community resources for education, recreation and social activity. It’s all out there, but it’s up to you to follow through. To paraphrase NIKE, "Just Do It!" Movin’ On will encourage you toward that end. Some spinal cord injury (SCI) humor by Katie:

1: What do you call a wheeler who gambles?

Answer: Deals on wheels.

2: What do you call a wheeler who’s a kleptomaniac?

Answer: Steals on Wheels.

3: What do you call a quad who is into oral satisfaction?

Answer: Meals on wheels.

4: What do you call a large group of quads?

Answer: The Quad Bod Squad.

Katie Rodriguez Banister works with audiences to embrace diversity
through motivational speaking and disability education.

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